RECORDED WEBINAR: Mini-implants in aligner therapy

RECORDED WEBINAR: Mini-implants in aligner therapy

02 Jul, 2022

During this course, led by dr. Robertas Kirlys on Feb 7, 2022, participants learned about the main principles of the use of mini-screw, discover the diversity of mini-screw systems and hear about clinical protocols.

The basis of orthodontic treatment is the correction of irregular tooth positions, dental arches, and occlusion. Targeted, directional orthodontic forces are required for tooth movement. Each directional force must have an exit point and a force vector. Since all teeth are only a conditional anchorage, the ability to move often makes it impossible to create a regular directional force using only the tooth support. Therefore, skeletal support is increasingly used for targeted orthodontic treatment. One of the options for skeletal support is a mini-screw.

After watching this recorded course, you will be able to identify when and in what clinical situations mini-screw should be used, which ones are best to choose, and how to successfully implement the clinical stages.

This course is in English. After purchasing, this webinar recording will be available for watching within 48 hours.